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Architectural Railing and Components

As a distributor of a large selection of quality, Solid Brass Railing and Stainless Steel Railing and components, is proud to welcome you to our decorative Architectural Railing Hardware category.

Featuring a wide variety of brass and stainless railing components such as brass tubing, stainless steel tubing, handrail and footrail. These premium components can be found in a variety of applications in hospitality projects, bars, restaurants and residential applications as well.

Architectural Railing Components:
  • Tubing: Solid brass or stainless steel railing used in numerous application such as bar foot railing, wall handrails, free standing handrails, fire poles, vanities, walkway dividers, etc. Available in a variety of sizes, architectural railing is specified by the outside diameter, most of our tubing has a wall thickness of 0.05" for heavy-duty applications.
  • Handrail Brackets: Stainless steel and solid brass handrail brackets provide a dependable support for your handrail or railing systems in residential and commercial application. Handrails are a necessity in public buildings to assist people throughout a facility in hallways or on stairs.
  • Floor & Bar Brackets: Used to support bar foot railing. Available in a variety of styles that will allow bracket to be mounted to the wall/bar or to mounted to the floor, depending on your desired application.
  • End Caps & Finials: Mounted at the end of a run of tubing that is exposed. The most popular style of end caps are flush mounted and also dome style end caps to give your project a finishing touch.
  • Flush fittings & Elbows: Used to create a clean look when connecting your tubing at curves or angles.
  • Ball Fittings: A popular choice for traditionally-styled railing projects. The railing ends are concealed inside the ball fitting eliminating the need for exact tubing measurements and cuts. Great for easy installation.
  • Wall & Floor Flanges: Solid brass and stainless steel flanges create a clean look while keeping architectural railing systems securely fastened to a wall, floor, or other surface.
  • Splice: Used to connect sections of tubing when longer spans are needed. Mount internally for a clean appearance.

Stainless Steel Cable Rail Systems
Enhance Any Railing and Any View! These Easy-to-install, prefabricated cable assemblies allow optimal visibility and are an attractive and low-maintenance alternative to other commonly used materials such as metal and wood picket railing. Features include:
  • Quick-Connect® Technology by Feeney. Unique stainless steel fittings with special Quick-Connect® technology attach to the cable in the field without tools. One-way jaws automatically grab and lock on after the cable is inserted, making assembly and installation fast and easy.
  • Weather-tough 316-grade stainless steel cable and fittings are ultra-low maintenance and precision manufactured — perfect for both residential and commercial projects.
  • CableRail lets you celebrate the view with slender cables and hidden fittings that virtually disappear.
  • Made using mostly recycled materials. Solar power generated at Feeney's California headquarters to offset over 95% of the facility’s electrical usage.
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