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Every year at our Christmas party we try to raise some funds and donate them to a non-profit organization. This past Christmas, Andrew found an organization called Bite2go that works with the local food bank and distributes food packs to students at local schools on Fridays. The idea is that these kids qualify for reduced or free lunches and sometimes school meals are the only ones they get. These food packs consist of ready made meals & healthy snacks for the kids over the weekend.  We learned that in Spokane county 50% of elementary age children live below poverty level and qualify for reduced or free lunch. We at Spokane Hardware didn't want to just raise money and donate it, we want to make an impact in our community. We had 37 employees, that is well over half our staff, pledge to sponsor a student for a year. Amazing! We partnered with 2nd Harvest Food Bank and they bumped our numbers to 50 students, they found a school who's needs fit our sponsors and every Friday we deliver food packs. I couldn't be prouder of my workplace and coworkers. If you're so inclined, I challenge you to find a similar program in your area & sponsor. If you're local to Spokane, please contact 2nd Harvest and make a difference today.
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