Tresco SimpLED Light Series - 4.5 W/Ft. collection

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The patent-pending SimpLED combines several industry firsts that expand lighting solutions. The new “three-in-one” system of diffuser options are packaged with each light: clear, frosted or milk/opal which determines the light’s glare/reflection and intensity. To further expand lighting capabilities, optional Control Modules offer a Motion Sensor, a Photo/Light Sensor or a Touch Dimmer that can be installed inline or remotely mounted via link cord, all rated at 27W maximum load (equal to 6 feet of SimpLED). The SimpLED’s very high output (4.5W/foot) comes in three lengths, and the fixture quickly mounts with U Clips or screws. It can be linked back-to-back or with Link Cords that are available in six lengths. Dimmer options are also available.