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black/matte 38

bronze/antique 31

bronze/oil rubbed 31

bronze/satin 28

chrome/polished 38

gray 28

nickel/polished 38

nickel/satin 38


knob 48

pull 160

appliance pull 8

finger pull 54

Hole Spacing

3" (76mm) 14

3-3/4" (96mm) 34

5" (128mm) 48

Single Hole 60

5/8" (16mm) 6

1-1/4" (32mm) 6

2" (51mm) 14

6" (152mm) 12

6-5/16" (160mm) 30

8" (203mm) 8

9" (229mm) 14

9-5/16" (237mm) 8

12" (305mm) 16


modern/contemporary 270


zinc alloy 270


Top Knobs Mercer collection

270 Items Total
The Mercer Collection is a new contemporary line for Top Knobs. Each element in the collection stands alone with a unique look and detailing that only Top Knobs could achieve. The Mercer Collection has several new series, Each series we crafted within our contemporary new Mercer Collection is completely unique and stands alone.
  • Europa Series - Offers a subtle minimal design that lets the cabinetry stand out while offering a stunning access point of reference.
  • Glacier Series - Offers luxurious stature and powerful performance with European styling for contemporary spaces.
  • Holland Series - The shapely and sophisticated pull reveals a closed bud at each end, reminiscent of a tulip at the moment before it bursts forth with color.
  • Oculus Series- Features strong circular shape and clean lines. Rounded bases for the pulls and tops for the knobs add strength and performance.
  • Quilted Series - Offers depth and textural dimension that creates visual interest in whatever space it integrates with.
  • Tango Series - The arching design lets you see through to the cabinetry beneath and just as the buckle fashion accessory that inspired the look, Tango elegantly pulls everything together.
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