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Door Mounting Style

+45° Corner Inset 1

Blind Corner Inset 2

Pie-Cut Corner 1

Blind Corner 2

+45° Corner 3

Degree of Opening

110° 8

Closing Type

Self Closing 9

Bore Diameter

35mm 9

Drilling Pattern

42mm/45mm 4

45mm 5

Mounting Type

Doweled 5

Impresso 4


Grass Tiomos Self-Close - Corner/Special Application Hinges collection

9 Items Total
Grass developers set out to create a product innovation – a completely new hinge system. The result is Tiomos. Not only does Tiomos out perform any other hinge in the industry, but is also aesthetically pleasing to the eye. It offers a timeless design as well as its own individual character. Tiomos is a completely new hinge concept. The product range provides perfect movement for virtually every application, from standard doors to wide angle doors, from frameless applications to face frame applications. 110°, 120° and 160° Tiomos hinges will support a 24mm thick door and 24m overlay.