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turnstyle-chestnut/bright chrome 6

turnstyle-chestnut/polished brass 6

turnstyle-chestnut/polished nickel 6

turnstyle-chestnut/satin nickel 6

turnstyle-chestnut/vintage patina 6

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turnstyle-chocolate/bright chrome 6

turnstyle-chocolate/polished brass 6

turnstyle-chocolate/polished nickel 6

turnstyle-chocolate/satin nickel 6

turnstyle-chocolate/vintage patina 6

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turnstyle-slate grey/bright chrome 6

turnstyle-slate grey/polished brass 6

turnstyle-slate grey/polished nickel 6

turnstyle-slate grey/satin nickel 6

turnstyle-slate grey/vintage patina 8

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turnstyle-tan/bright chrome 6

turnstyle-tan/polished brass 6

turnstyle-tan/polished nickel 6

turnstyle-tan/satin nickel 6

turnstyle-tan/vintage patina 6

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Black Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

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Cabinet Knobs & Pulls How-To

Product Filters

If you are looking for quality, decorative cabinet hardware such as cabinet knobs, cabinet pulls, cabinet handles, bin or cup pulls, drop pulls, cabinet edge finger pulls, ring pulls or others, than you have come to the right place! We offer a huge selection of high quality cabinet hardware along with some specialty items you won't find anywhere else.

If you are looking for that perfect knob to compliment your new kitchen cabinets or a drawer pull with hard-to-find specifications, please check out our PRODUCT FILTERS to help you navigate the thousands of unique cabinet knob and pull options and find just what you're looking for in a matter of seconds!

Define Your Style

Modern/Contemporary style is defined by clean, crisp lines and simple geometric shapes. This style usually consists of straight, sleek pieces that communicate functionality and fluidity. Modern style celebrates natural materials and the elimination of unnecessary detailing.  Great for open floor plans, and uncluttered clean spaces with lots of light.

Design incorporates classic details with warm inviting colors that convey a sense of elegance and tradition. Often this style features curved lines and a variety of patterns and textures that can be highly detailed and add depth to the room. Traditional designs are comfortable spaces inspired by 18th and 19th century European decor that has a timeless charm still popular today.

design borrows from traditional and modern styles. This style has become a designer favorite because it acts as a happy medium between two sides of the spectrum. Elements consist of relatively neutral colors that can be seen as sleek and stylish but also convey warmth and nostalgia that family homes are accustomed. This style looks great when used to contrast detailed cabinetry work with simple hardware elements, or vice versa.

style provides a sense of ruggedness, durability, charm and warmth. This style often includes raw, sometimes unfinished elements designed with great craftsmanship reminiscent of a time when expert artisans and blacksmiths transformed pure iron into simple, functional designs. Rustic style seamlessly combines beauty and grit. Dark, earthy tones make for an inviting space that feels like it was made just for you.