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Sugatsune LIN-X Lateral Opening Door Systems collection

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The Sugatsune LIN-X1000 Lateral Door Opening System provides smooth movement with a soft-close feature that operates on large doors weighing up to 198-lbs. Providing 4-way adjustability to ensure a flush, clean look when closed, the LIN-X-1000 allows doors up to 43 5/16” wide to swing open in a small radius making it a great application for custom pantry doors, storage rooms or other applications where space may be a constraint.
Lateral opening door systems open doors in small radius compared to traditional hinged, swinging doors and are ideal for tight space applications. The lateral opening mechanism swings doors open parallel to the cabinet or wall, minimizing the need for extra space.

Also an excellent alternative to other hinged corner cabinet applications such as lazy susan cabinets. The lateral door opening mechanism allow the doors to swing open sideway, clear of the opening unlike the traditional hinged door, so you can get easy accesses to corner space and visually and practically elegant results.

Utilize this space saving lateral door opening hardware and replace your traditional swinging doors in a stylish and elegant way!