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What are the functions of a deadbolt?

When ordering an entryset, deadbolt, or sideplate set you will be asked for the function of the deadbolt. Your choices typically are single cylinder or double cylinder. Here’s how to decide which you should use. The most common option is single cylinder. This means that the deadbolt has one cylinder with a key on the […]

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What Are Hinge Pin Door Stops?

There are times when an application calls for a door stop attached to the hinge pin rather than one on the floor, wall, or door. We have three options. First are the traditional style with bumpers on both sides. We also have an upgraded version with a bumper on only one side (this prevents damage […]

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So, What Are Soft Close Door Bumpers?

I was quite excited when we started stocking the Soft Close Door Bumper from Grass. Many newer cabinets come with soft-close door hinges but if you have older or economy cabinets like I do then they likely have regular self-closing hinges that produce a thud sound when the cabinet door closes. I don’t want that […]