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SOSS Barrel Hinge

The cutest little hinge ever!

We sell one of the cutest little hinges ever. It is the SOSS invisible barrel hinge. This little hinge is made of solid brass and finished in satin brass. The minimum material thickness you need is only 5/8″. To install you will need to drill a 12mm (15/32″) hole, 13.3mm (1/2″) deep and insert the […]

Dexter Deadbolt Latchbolt Satin Chrome

Do You Need to Replace Deadbolt Latchbolts?

An email message came in recently from a customer needing to replace a defective deadbolt latchbolt and they wanted to know if we had the part to replace it. Unfortunately not all latchbolts are the same and there isn’t a universal option out there. At we stock three brands of replacement latchbolts, Dexter by […]

Stanley Adjustable Closet Rod

Oil Rubbed Bronze Closet Rods

Oil rubbed bronze has grown in popularity over the years. When we started getting calls from customers looking for closet rods in that finish we began searching for trusted manufacturers that we could source them from. We’ve found three brands that are doing rods and supports that we think you’ll be pleased with. We’ve found […]

Hardware, Feet

Table Legs, Bases, and Furniture Feet

Have you ever wanted to make your own table but didn’t know where to get the table legs or bases? Look no further than Find or make yourself a table top and we’ve got you covered for the table base. We have eight to choose from that are made in the USA by Rostek. […]

White Recess Mounted Standard

Adjustable Shelves for Bookcases

Most bookcases have adjustable shelves in them so when you retire your old coffee table book of baby animals for the new one on gardens you’ll be able to raise the shelf higher to accommodate the newcomer. If you’re inclined to make your own bookcase you too will need a way to adjust those shelves. […]

Cabinet Knob Bases

Knob and Pull Bases for Custom Hardware

A super fun item we sell are cabinet knob and cabinet pull bases or ferrules. These bases are what you use if you want to make you own cabinet hardware. We sell these everyday to hobbyists and businesses for their own designs. Some make cabinet knobs or cabinet pulls out of rocks, minerals, petrified wood, […]

KV 8092 Series Pocket Pivot Door Slides

What Are Pivot Pocket Slides?

One product that I frequently get questions on is the Pivot Pocket Door Slides by Knape & Vogt. These slides allow you to open a cabinet doors such as on an armoire or TV cabinet, and then slide them back along the cabinet wall so that the door recesses and gives you full access to […]