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Sprayaway, Cleaning

Cleaning Products from Hope’s and Sprayway

Now that your kitchen remodel is finished let help you keep it clean with our cleaning products from Hope’s and Sprayway. If part of your remodel was granite, marble, or stone countertops then Hope’s Perfect Granite is the daily cleaner for you. It leaves a streak free countertop with no hazy residue and best […]

Rev-A-Shelf Undersink Pullout Basket w/Soft-Close

Learn About Under Sink Organization

Let’s talk organization! Specifically under your sink. I bet you didn’t even know that we have organization items for under your sink. It’s a place that often times gets overlooked and becomes a catchall for every cleaning supply product ever made. I even have bottles of cleaners for floors and appliances that I don’t even […]

Emtek, hardware, doors

Helping You Keep Consistent with Emtek

One of the difficult things about hardware is finishes. Different manufacturers have different ideas and process that affect what a finish should look like. If you’ve ever tried to match an antique finish or a bronze finish across manufacturers, then you understand. To combat that issue, try to order as much as you can from […]