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Rev-A-Shelf 3450 Stemware Rack

Who likes wine? Learn about wine storage options

Not everyone has the space for an entire wine cellar or even a wine chiller, but almost every kitchen has room for some wine storage and we’re here to help you find the best solution! Wine Storage We have these beautiful wine storage racks by WineLogic. Depending on the model, they can hold, 12, 18, […]

Kitchen with Floating Shelves

An Introduction to Floating Shelves

The first time I saw a floating shelf I was mesmerized. How in the world is that floating? Turns out it is deceptively simple. A U-shaped metal or metal/wood bracket is attached to the wall and the shelf is put around the bracket. The shelf itself is hollow on the back to allow the bracket […]

Woodfold Breadboard Alder

Replace that Old Dingy Breadboard

The last place I lived in had a very used breadboard in the kitchen, like very very used. I think it was original to the house in the 50’s. Lucky for me I work at a hardware store and know just how easy it is to replace and now you will too. Here at […]

Barn Door, Emtek

An Introduction to Door Guides for Barn Doors

Do you have a sliding wall mounted barn door you need a guide for? has what you’re looking for. There are two I really like from US Futaba. They are wall mounted “C” and “T” guides. The “C” guide wraps around the bottom of the door and is visible from the front. The flanges […]

Amerock Candler Switchplate Covers

Which Switchplate Do I Need?

There are several different functions of switchplates available and can be in a variety of configurations. Such options are Toggle switches, Duplex outlets, Paddle/GFCI, and Cable hole covers. There are single, double, triple, and quadruple versions and well as combinations versions. Toggle is the most common switch and is used for many on/off switches such […]

Front Door, Hardware, Door Lock

What are the functions of a deadbolt?

When ordering an entryset, deadbolt, or sideplate set you will be asked for the function of the deadbolt. Your choices typically are single cylinder or double cylinder. Here’s how to decide which you should use. The most common option is single cylinder. This means that the deadbolt has one cylinder with a key on the […]

Sprayaway, Cleaning

Cleaning Products from Hope’s and Sprayway

Now that your kitchen remodel is finished let help you keep it clean with our cleaning products from Hope’s and Sprayway. If part of your remodel was granite, marble, or stone countertops then Hope’s Perfect Granite is the daily cleaner for you. It leaves a streak free countertop with no hazy residue and best […]

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What Are Hinge Pin Door Stops?

There are times when an application calls for a door stop attached to the hinge pin rather than one on the floor, wall, or door. We have three options. First are the traditional style with bumpers on both sides. We also have an upgraded version with a bumper on only one side (this prevents damage […]

SOSS Barrel Hinge

The cutest little hinge ever!

We sell one of the cutest little hinges ever. It is the SOSS invisible barrel hinge. This little hinge is made of solid brass and finished in satin brass. The minimum material thickness you need is only 5/8″. To install you will need to drill a 12mm (15/32″) hole, 13.3mm (1/2″) deep and insert the […]