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Cabinet Hardware, Bathroom, Amerock Hardware, Terms Needed To Know, The Hardware Hut
Cabinet Hardware, Bathroom, Amerock Hardware, Terms Needed To Know, The Hardware Hut

Six Important Terms to Help Build Your New Home

Building or remodeling can be a stressful but marvelous experience. Those who venture into the home building game, who have done their research and choose the right contractor to fit their needs and desires, happen to have the best luck, in my opinion.

Important Terms

I have worked in all facets of the building industry, including building homes, and am sharing some terms I find very useful. These ideas are for people who are looking to have a new home built or an extensive remodel done.

Start Smart

First and foremost, budget. Get this correct out of the gate. This starts with being realistic about what you can afford. Here is the deal: Many people get to the middle of their project and start to realize their budget is blown.

Lots of money for add-ons or things not projected initially come back to bite later on. When a project is incorrectly estimated and budgeted, the end can become super stressful and disappointing. Finishes (hardware, electrical, and plumbing fixtures) get cut and a high-end home can end up with finishes and products that are way mismatched for the amount of money spent. This is a major disservice to you and your resale value down the road.

Do Your Homework

Next, find the right general contractor. I know this sounds like a no-brainer, but this is essential. Find someone who pays attention to detail, is reputable, and, most importantly, fits your personality. Don’t be afraid to ask for references, check their bond and licenses. Drive around and look at their previous projects completed years prior.

I know this sounds redundant, but make sure and choose reputable sub-contractors. Many contractors have sub-contractors they use over and over. Sometimes, these subs can be busy on other jobs, so the general has to choose other sub-contractors to fill in at times. So confirm with the general contractor that the sub-contractor they are using on your job is the number one choice. If they can’t guarantee this, find a general who will.

It’s All in the Products

Another term that is important in home building is materials. The materials used in constructing your home is just as important as the people you’re hiring to build it. We all like to get the best bang for our buck! This is where it is crucial to reference your budget and get your numbers right. Consult your local wholesale suppliers. Ask your general contractor to tell you exactly what they use as far as roofing, siding, windows, doors, and hardware. Research the brands your general contractor uses.

Get Your Space Right the First Time

Use an interior designer. We are finding more and more that using a designer during the process can help bring your project full circle. Let them find the greatest use of space in your new home. Using someone professionally trained can save you thousands of dollars by getting the design right the first time. I don’t know how many times we have to reframe or tear out walls because the original design wasn’t designed for the use of the homeowner.

There are many amazing design professionals we deal with here at Spokane Hardware Supply and The Hardware Hut that provide help with budgeting and design to create your dream home.

Lastly, find an architect or engineer, depending on what kind of project you are taking on. There is lots of software to design your home out on the market, but unless you’re in that field, I would recommend spending the money to get detailed blueprints drawn up. Also, consulting an engineer will help if you’re remodeling and relocating beams and other structural components.

Allow Us to Help You

These terms about home building and construction may seem like easy and common sense terms. However, they are very important to the overall success of your project, so I suggest you follow them. They will help make the home of your dreams.

Good luck! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us or connect with us on Facebook. If you are starting your new home or remodel project, we would love to be involved in this special process with you.

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About the author
Tom Reinbold has been in the cabinet and door/finish hardware industry for over 20 years and has a small stint in the residential construction business and experience in commercial hardware. In his free time, he enjoys golf, camping, fishing, and watching sports.