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Emtek, Door Handles, White Paint, Clean Design
Emtek, Door Handles, White Paint, Clean Design

Mix & Match with Emtek Door Hardware

Do you know what’s great about life? Options. Having the freedom to choose. Fortunately, that’s something that we specialize in. At Emtek, we make it our priority to maximize choice. We provide hundreds of mix and match door or cabinet hardware combination possibilities, to allow our customers to create their dream homes on their terms. Custom hardware without a custom price tag!

Style Comes First

Take our EMTEK SELECT Lever for example, which boasts of even more customization options, as it is comprised of three separate pieces: the lever, stem, and rosette. Build your own EMTEK SELECT lever from a selection of four different handle styles in seven finishes, two stem styles available in seven finishes, and any rosette in available finishes.

Couple an Urban Modern Rosette and a T-Bar Stem, both in flat black, with a Knurled Handle in Satin Brass. Or combine a Disk Rosette, an L-square Stem, and a Tribeca Handle all in Polished Nickel. Play with the options and come up with the best fit for your home and personal style.

But Mix and Match More than Style

The door hardware customization options don’t end there, however. Mix and match any of our Passage and Privacy knob or lever sets and determine their function, material, finish, rosette, and latch rotation according your needs and tastes. You can even customize your order further. At no charge, you can request to switch from the standard square to radius corner strike and faceplates, as well as Extended or T-Strike.

Select lever knurled, Emtek, Multiple Styles

Elect the perfect product for you, whether it’s a passage, privacy, or dummy function for your door knobs or levers. Choose from five available materials including brass, crystal, and porcelain and 18 different finishes including flat black, satin brass, and polished nickel.

What Else Can I Customize?

Pair any style rosette or backplate with your hardware. Even determine the latch rotation on your order—either a standard 60 degrees or the CF Mechanism Upgrade, which allows for 28-degree rotation. It’s a nice touch if you or someone in your household has hand or wrist mobility limitations.

And let’s not forget about the split finish options. Let’s say you have one style or theme for your hallway (Flat Black Levers) that contrasts with that of one of your Chrome bathroom fixtures. Emtek allows for different styles and finishes on each side of your door hardware set, at no additional charge.

Three Emtek Door Handles, Various Colors

A Different Look for Every Room

Pair different style knob/levers on either side of the door, so that they match each style of the space they’re in. You could theoretically have a Hampton Knob with a Lancaster Rosette on one side of the door and an Astoria Clear Knob with a Rope Rosette on the other. We make sure that you don’t have to compromise your design.

And truly, that is our goal. To make sure you get exactly what you’ve envisioned, never compromised. So mix and match your hardware ’til your heart’s content at Emtek.com and order online at TheHardwareHut.com.

If you have any questions on ordering, contact The Hardware Hut’s expert customer service team.

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By Amy Biller Switzer, Marketing Communications Manager at ASSA ABLOY, Emtek Products Hardware, and Schaub and Company.