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Barn Door, Interior, Track
Barn Door, Interior, Track

Barn Door Track Buying Essentials – All You Need

A barn door track is a great way to save space and add style. These are perfect for spaces where there’s not enough room to fully open a hinged door, or where you want to add some style to the room. They can be used in place of any interior hinged door. Barn door tracks allow you to hang a door in front of an opening and slide it in either direction.

Before purchasing, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the components needed, as well as optional accessories available. Below is a guide to help make the perfect choice when it comes to a barn door track.

Barn door tracks are available in multiple sizes, finishes, and styles. The most popular sizes are 72” and 96”. The average door is 36” wide, so a 72” track would allow a standard door to fully clear the opening.

Hardware Components Needed

Many of our barn door tracks are sold as track sets with everything you need. However, it’s beneficial to understand the installation purposes and the optional accessories, like soft-close.

Barn Door, Track, Buying Guide, Barn Door PartsTrack

The track is the rail mounted above the opening, which your door will hang from and slide on. It comes flat, round, or with a fascia and in multiple lengths and finishes.


The hanger mounts either to the front or top of the door and allows the door to hang from above the track. Hangers attach to the wheel and come in multiple styles, finishes, and weight capabilities.

End Stops

End stops mount to the track and provide a bumper for the hanger to hit when it slides in either direction. This stops it from rolling off the track. The hanger allows the door to hang low enough below the track that the door itself will never hit the stop, just the hanger. You’ll need two per track. The stops can be installed at different positions on the track to control how far the door rolls in either direction.

Anti-Jump Blocks

Anti-jump blocks are usually plastic or rubber and mount to the top of the door. They sometimes connect to the hanger itself. These blocks prevent the door from moving upward and coming off the track.


The guide can mount to either the floor or wall. It prevents the bottom of the door from swinging outward and hitting the wall. For more info on the two different types of barn door guides, check out “An Introduction to Door Guides for Barn Doors.”

Barn Door Optional Accessories

Beyond the standard track sets, we also offer some optional accessories. Accessories include privacy locks and latches, soft-close mechanisms, a connecting adapter to make the track longer, and brackets for bypass applications.

Privacy Latches

Privacy latches consist of two parts: a latch and strike plate. The strike plate mounts to the back of the door and the latch to the inside jamb of the door opening. When the door is closed, the latch can swing into the strike plate on the back of the door, which prevents the door from sliding.

Privacy Locks

Privacy locks mount inside the jamb wall behind the door. On the interior side of the door there’s a thumb-turn mounted to the jamb wall facing the opening. When turned, it engages the door with a tubular, drive-in bolt so the door can’t slide. There is an emergency release on the outside of the door, similar to standard privacy door knobs and levers.

Soft Close Mechanism

We have a few different soft close mechanisms currently available that work with correlation track sets. These come with certain track sets or  in a pair, so the door will soft close in both directions. When the door is closed forcefully, the pistons engage to slow the door down to close softly and quietly.

Connecting Adapter

This item allows you to seamlessly connect two tracks if you need track longer than 96” long. The hanger wheels roll right over the top, like it’s not even there.

Bypass Brackets

Barn door tracks can also come as a bypass application, where two doors slide past one another. The brackets allow another track to mount in front of the track closest to the wall. Five brackets are required for 78” track and six for 96” track.

Door Pulls

There are many options in door pulls, flush pulls, and appliance pulls available for the door. It’s important to know that regular cabinet pulls are not recommended for barn doors. Cabinet pulls aren’t meant to handle the force needed to slide the door back and forth and will likely have issues and break. However, you can use an appliance pull, usually meant for a fridge or dishwasher.

Barn Door Tracks for Cabinets

There is separate barn door track made specifically for cabinets. This track is 70″ long and made to handle the lighter weight and thickness of a cabinet door. The wheels are 1-1/2″ in diameter, rather than the 3″ diameter wheels on normal size barn door tracks, so it is more proportionate to the smaller cabinet door. All the components are the same, but the cabinet track does not yet have the the same accessories available.

Additional Questions on Ordering Barn Door Hardware?

If you have any additional questions on purchasing door hardware, submit a question below and one of our customer service representatives will be in touch. You can also connect with us on Facebook.




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