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Measure Your Cabinet Hinge and Overlay
Measure Your Cabinet Hinge and Overlay

European Hinge Replacement Guide (Help Us Help You)

Replacing European hinges isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. There’s a bunch of hardware lingo you need to be familiar with to determine the right replacement hinge and mounting plate. Luckily, our hardware experts at The Hardware Hut are here to help.

In order to identify the European hinge you have and suggest the right replacement, we’ll need the following information. This info will better help us help you. Fill out a customer service form and add pictures through the link below, and we can suggest a replacement option.

Customer Service Form

First, check for any brand names on the hinge. It’s important to identify the brand because the screw hole placement in your door can be different between manufacturers. It’s best to stick with the same brand so you don’t have to drill new holes in the door or cabinet. Popular brand names would be Grass, Mepla, Salice, Blum, or Hafele. If you only see a logo but no name, send us a picture and we’ll be able to identify the brand. Brand names usually show up in the cup of the hinge. 

Second, we’ll need two pictures from you. One taken standing in front of the cabinet with the doors closed—so we can see how to door sits in the cabinet frame—and one of the hinges itself from the inside of the cabinet, with the door open—so we can see how the hinge and plate mount and function. Please take pictures of a hinge/cabinet door that is still installed and functioning correctly.

Cabinet, The Hardware Hut

After the Photos

Next, we’ll need to know the overlay measurement. If your door is flush with the cabinet frame, you can ignore this step. If your door sits in front of the cabinet, we’ll need to know the overlay.

To measure the overlay, follow these three steps: 

  1. With the door closed, make a pencil mark on the frame of the cabinet where the edge of the door extends to.
  2. Open the door.
  3. With a measuring tape or ruler, measure the distance from the edge of the cabinet frame to that pencil mark. (It should be 1” or less.)

Measuring Cabinet Door and Hinge Overlay with a Ruler and Pencil

Lastly, we’ll need to know the D.B.E measurement. This is the measurement from the edge of the door to the edge of the hinge bore hole. It’ll be a small measurement less than 1/4”.

Measure Cabinet, Instructions

You’ve done it! Now leave the rest to us. Fill out the European Hinge Replacement form below and attach pictures. We’ll contact you within one business day to suggest a replacement.

This covers 90% of European hinges, but if yours isn’t quite matching up, please contact us or connect with us on Facebook.




Hinge Brand

Overlay Measurement

D.B.E Measurement

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