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Front Door, Hardware, Door Lock
Front Door, Hardware, Door Lock

Update Your Front Entryway

The first thing your guests see is your front door and entryway. On one Saturday, you can freshen up that area with a new Entryset or deadbolt and knob/lever, doorbell button or door knocker, door viewer, and house numbers. Imagine how nice that area will look with some new hardware, and imagine how impressed your guests can be.


Emtek Baden Entryset Satin NickelAn Entryset has a large handle on the exterior with a thumb latch above. It can come as a single piece (monolithic) or a two piece (with the deadbolt separate). With over 100 options to choose from, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your style of home and decor.

If you need to replace an existing entryset, make sure to remove it from the door carefully. Measure the hole spacing from the deadbolt hole to the passage hole underneath. Then measure from the passage hole to the through bolt hole, at the bottom of the handle. You also will need to know the backset (the distance from the center of the deadbolt and passage holes to the edge of the door). In the US, we have two options: 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″. If you choose a lever to put on the inside, you also should specify the handing. Handing is done while standing outside of the home. Look at the door and find the hinges. If the hinges sit on the left, then order a Left Hand; if the hinges sit on the right, then order a Right Hand.

Deadbolt & Knob/Lever

Not all front doors use entry sets. If your door has a deadbolt and a knob or lever below, we also carry those. Take a look at the knob/lever. Do you need a key to open it, or is it always unlocked? If it uses a key then you’ll need a Keyed Knob/Lever. If no key is necessary, then you’ll want a function called a Passage.

Don’t think that you have to use a key on the knob/lever? That is the purpose of the deadbolt. A deadbolt is much more secure than a Keyed Knob/Lever, as it uses about an inch-long steel bolt that protrudes into your frame. Personally, I have zero Keyed Knobs/Levers on any of my exterior doors, since they all have either separate deadbolts above a passage knob/lever or they are an Entryset, which is still secured only with the deadbolt.

Doorbell Button or Door Knocker

Meanwhile, we offer some fantastic doorbell buttonsDetlana Door Knocker w/ Viewer Flat Black, which come with the button only. They connect on the back of the button to the two wires coming out of your house, which are connected to your actual doorbell ringer inside your home. Some are even lighted. We have six brands we represent, with almost 200 different options to choose from. Looking for something a little different like a Starfish, Lizard, or Dragonfly? We have ’em all!

Detlana Door Knocker w/ Viewer Satin NickelIf your home isn’t set up for a doorbell perhaps you have a door knocker instead. We have nearly 100 to choose from. Some are two piece, where the knocker hits against a separate plate, and others are one piece. Some have door viewers built right into them. We even have a brand called Brass Accents that can engrave a name on the knocker. If you are replacing a knocker, do check the hole spacing and note if the holes go all the way through the door or not. This helps when trying to purchase the appropriate replacement.

Door Viewer

Door viewersDeltana Door Viewer Antique Brass are available in 9 finishes and install with a 5/8″ diameter hole in the door. The inside trim of the door viewer has a little slot where you can insert a coin to help you thread it onto the outside trim. From past experience with a customer that purchased these in bulk and installed them in homes all over the South, he said the perfect coin to use is a Half Dollar coin.

House Numbers

Deltana House Number 2 Satin Nickel We have address numbers and address plaques from 10 different manufacturers in 15+ finishes. Numbers and Letters range in height from 3″ to 8″. There are 10 plaque styles to choose from. Whitehall Address PlaqueWe get a few more returns of house numbers than I’d think we would, mainly due to the size. I would recommend cutting a strip of paper in the height you envision and taping it to your wall, then going to the street to make sure you can easily see it from the road. If you feel it’s too big or small, adjust and try again.

All of these items and more are available at TheHardwareHut.com, and always contact us with any entryway questions.

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