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Searching Waste and Recycling on The Hardware Hut

So here’s the scenario: You are in need of a waste or recycling system to fit in a specific cabinet. You come visit and pop into the category. You then see there are almost 200 options.

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Seeing so many possibilities might scare you away, but there is no need to give up. We have a filter tool featured  at the top of the category for you to input your cabinet opening width, height, and depth. Once you hit the “FIND” button you will only see units that will fit in your space. When measuring make sure you measure the actual cabinet opening, not the inside width or the door width but the cabinet opening width. Also be on the lookout inside of the cabinet for any sort of shelf or plumbing that might be in your way.

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You can narrow your search down further by using the product filters on the left side of the page. Maybe you are looking for one with the soft-close feature to eliminate that thud sound you may hear when your kids give it a slam, or perhaps you want one that is bottom mounted. You could be looking for a single container or a double container. You can even filter by the color of the container.

If your intention is to mount the cabinet door directly to the pullout waste container system make sure to check the specifications and optional accessories for the one you choose. It may come with brackets preinstalled, or there might be an optional bracket you would need to purchase.

One thing I cannot stress enough is measuring the opening. It is always such a bummer to have to process a return and reorder for a customer as it is can be quite costly for return shipping charges back to us or the vendor and then pay for shipping again on the replacement. Save yourself a ton of aggravation and money by following the age-old rule “measure twice, cut once” or in this case “measure twice, order once”.

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