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Emtek, Door Knob, New Construction
Emtek, Door Knob, New Construction

Selecting Door Knobs for our French Provincial Inspired Home

My husband and I are in the process of building a new home in the city after having lived in a farmhouse in the country for quite a few years. The style of our new home leans towards French Provincial and I’ve been focusing on some key elements that will bring help to bring that style to life. Recently I’ve been focusing on the front door which is such an important piece as it gives the first impression of your home. One certainty with the front door hardware was that I knew I wanted to use brass. I think it’s such a classic and timeless finish and I’ve seen it in a lot of French homes.

Since we’ve worked with Spokane Hardware Supply, Inc./ on our last two homes and had such a great experience, we decided to work with them again this time around. I started by visiting the showroom and meeting with Dave to talk about the style I was looking for. I immediately honed in on French Antique brass and began looking at the hardware available in that finish.

Because I had chosen a rather simple door style, I wanted to elevate it a bit with the entry door knob. After looking through a lot of options, I narrowed it down to these three choices (in the French Antique brass finish) which are all really great:



In the end, I selected the larger of the three choices (shown in the last image above), going with the handle with the large plate and I know It will add just the perfect finishing touch to the door.

Next up was the interior door knobs. And rather than go with simple knobs and rosettes, I decided to add a larger rosette to each one. (The Rosette is basically a decorative plate that sits between the doorknob and the door and adds an extra special finishing touch). To keep the French Antique finish going throughout the house, I narrowed my choices down to these knobs and rosettes:

The knobs were the easiest decision because I wanted to keep it simple. I think it’s easy to get carried away with a brass finish and too much detail starts to feel a bit too busy for my taste so I decided to go with the completely smooth finish as seen in the second image above.

Because I really liked both of the rosettes equally, I decided to look at them through the lens of my camera to see them from a different perspective. It’s sort of like looking at a picture in a magazine and loving what you see. (Try it sometime, look at a design choice in person and then look at it in a picture and you’ll probably be able to easily identify which choice is best for you). Based on that process, the simple Rectangular Rosette was perfect for me. (You may have noticed that the Scalloped Rosette that was one of my final two choices matched my front door hardware but it wasn’t important for me to match the interior door rosettes to the front door, so I went with the rectangular design instead. Sometimes not having things perfectly match can add more interest and warmth to a project rather than just same same same).

For more on my home construction, you can visit my blog. Stay tuned here as I share more posts as we continue building our new home.

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