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Barn Door, Emtek
Barn Door, Emtek

An Introduction to Door Guides for Barn Doors

Do you have a sliding wall mounted barn door you need a guide for? has what you’re looking for.

C Door Guide Black
T Door Guide Satin NickelThere are two I really like from US Futaba. They are wall mounted “C” and “T” guides. The “C” guide wraps around the bottom of the door and is visible from the front. The flanges adjust apart from 1″ to 1-1/2″. The “T” guide uses a routed out channel on the bottom of the door and is mostly invisible from the front. The center of the guide to the wall adjusts from 1″ to 1-5/8″ to work on varias door thicknesses. Both styles come in three popular finishes; black, oil rubbed bronze, and brushed stainless steel.

Sure-Loc Door Guide BlackWe also have a wall mounted option with an adjustable wheel on the front to eliminate rubbing on the face of the door. Available in Satin Nickel or Matte Black from Sure-Loc. The wheel is adjustable so the space between the flange and wheel can go from 7/8″ to 2-3/8″.


Hafele Rattle Free Door GuideAnother option is a floor mounted guide that looks like a sharks fin by Hafele. It also uses a routed out channel on the bottom of the door.  Hafele makes two of them, a standard version and a rattle free version. The channel needs to be 1/4″ wide x 7/8″ deep on the standard version and 3/8″ wide x 25/32″ deep on the rattle free version. Another way you can mount it is to attach it to the bottom of the door and route out a channel on the floor. If you go the option of attaching to the bottom of the door then you’ll want to make sure the door is at least 1-3/8″ wide.

The thing about these door guides is a small bit of the door must always be in the guide for it to work properly and not come out of the guide. Since your door is usually a little wider than your opening you’ll want to put the guide right near the edge of the opening so that when you slide it in both directions a portion of the door is still in the guide.

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