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Stanley Adjustable Closet Rod
Stanley Adjustable Closet Rod

Oil Rubbed Bronze Closet Rods

Oil rubbed bronze has grown in popularity over the years. When we started getting calls from customers looking for closet rods in that finish we began searching for trusted manufacturers that we could source them from. We’ve found three brands that are doing rods and supports that we think you’ll be pleased with.

US Futaba Round Closet Rod Oil Rubbed BronzeUS Futaba Oval Closet Rod Oil Rubbed BronzeWe’ve found beautifully finished rods from US Futaba. They are made of aluminum and finished in that chocolaty brown finish we all love. We stock a 1-5/16″ diameter round rod in 4ft and 8ft lengths as well as the popular oval shape in an 8ft length. We also have this really interesting shape called hourglass. One side is smooth and other side is ribbed so you can decide which option you want displayed. The hourglass shape comes in 8ft sizes with a clear protective plastic strip on the top.

US Futaba Hourglass Closet Rod Oil Rubbed BronzeWhat good are rods without supports? We have every possible option you’d want from US Futaba and Epco. For round supports we have sleek ones with no visible screws. We also have versions with dowels for your pre-drilled 32mm closet system. Need economy ones with visible screws, we’ve got those too. For the oval supports we have both doweled and screw on. The hourglass shape only has doweled mounting available.

US Futaba Round Closet Rod Bracket Oil Rubbed BronzeIf you are running them full length or are putting loads of heavy items on the rod you’ll also want to get a center support which we carry in both the round and the oval. Want to put a shelf above the rods? We have you taken care of for shelf and rod supports in both round and oval.

If you’re hanging your rods with no shelf bracket above you might ask, how far from the back should I mount the rod? If you put the center of the rod 11-1/2″ from the back wall you’ll be good to go.

Epco Rod End Cap Oil Rubbed BronzeWe also have a unique item, an end cap for both round and oval. This is a little clip on piece that goes on the end of the rod if your intention is to have the rod floating at one or both ends and not attached to the wall. That way you won’t see inside the rod and it gives it a nice clean look.

Stanley Adjustable Closet Rod Oil Rubbed BronzeIf you have a situation were you need an adjustable rod we carry two sizes of rods from Stanley. We have a 30″-48″ and a 48″-72″. These ones are made to be put on a wood strip on the sides of the closet. If you don’t have a wood strip there are little tabs on the top of the mounting flange that you’d want to break off first.

Either way you go, round, oval, or hourglass you’ll love your new oil rubbed bronze rods.

Have any questions on closet rods? Don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support team >

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