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Lew's Hardware, Black Stainless Collection
Lew's Hardware, Black Stainless Collection

Lew’s Hardware: Timeless, Black Stainless

Years ago, I remember thinking about how great it is to see the brushed stainless steel finish revolutionize the appliance and hardware industries. Finally, we were moving away from the textures and painted metal finishes of the 70s’ and 80s’. Fast forward to today, and the industry now offers a broad range of contemporary finishes. One in particular is Black Stainless Steel by Lew’s Hardware. It’s a beautiful mix of black hues and sleek brushed metals.

I will be remodeling my kitchen soon and need to brush up on my knowledge of modern kitchen designs. I discovered Lew’s Hardware and his Black Stainless Steel collection while searching for the right combination of hardware, appliances, and flooring. The minimalist design with its elegant and modern look is what I like best. I’m thinking, this is what I want in my kitchen. It looks and feels amazing.

Lew's Hardware
Lew’s Hardware

Lew’s Hardware was started by award-winning designer Lewis Dolin. Dolin’s background is in architecture and interior design. He opened his own design firm in New York, in 1980, after receiving his Bachelor of Architecture degree from the City University of New York. Additionally, by 2002, he had launched his first hardware line and has since become a key player in the hardware industry.

Lew's Hardware
Concave End On a Bar Pull

His latest design is the Black Stainless Steel round bar collection. Because each piece is made with solid #303 stainless steel, the hand feel is very solid. The company also offers a durable black nickel finish. The product’s simple geometry makes this collection a versatile option for use in a variety of both modern and traditional designs. Dolin takes the design of this collection one step further with a concave end, manufactured into each bar pull. This is in contrast to other round bar designs that have a simple flat ended, cut and finish surface. I really appreciate the little extra depth the concave brings to the overall design.

Lewis Dolin is known for his fresh look at decorative hardware

It certainly shows in his collections. See more here:

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