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KV 8092 Series Pocket Pivot Door Slides
KV 8092 Series Pocket Pivot Door Slides

What Are Pivot Pocket Slides?

One product that I frequently get questions about is the Pivot Pocket Door Slides by Knape & Vogt. These slides allow you to open cabinet doors, such as on an armoire or TV cabinet, and then slide them back along the cabinet wall. This pushes the door to recess and gives you full access to the opening.

We currently stock two versions of these pivot slides. The KV 8070’s are for doors up to 30 pounds and 42″ tall. The other, KV 8092’s, are a more robust version and can hold doors up to 75 pounds and 72″ tall.

The KV 8070 version is for doors up to 42″ tall. The Hardware Hut sells this version as a pair (one pair is for a single door, as you mount one slide near the top and one near the bottom of the door). The set includes European hinges that allow the door to open 90 degrees before it slides back into the cabinet. The standard hinges (included) are for 3/4″ thick, inset doors. We do have optional hinges available for thicker inset doors, 1″ and 1-1/4″, as well as hinges for 3/4″ thick 13/32″ overlay doors.

For the larger doors, our website will guide you through the parts you need to use the KV 8092 Series. When added to the shopping cart, there will be three components. You choose the slide length you need, the hinge type, and a shaft length. For stability, there is a long shaft that connects the top slide to the bottom slide. This creates a rack and pinion system, syncing the movement between top and bottom. Depending on the height of your door, you can cut the shaft down to size as needed. These slides are also sold by in pairs: one pair is used for one door. However, you need double the amount of hinges for this version, as there are two hinges at the top and two at the bottom.

The big thing to note on both options is the large black plate that the hinges attach to. This plate is 4″ wide. When you slide back your door, this plate will take up 4″ of the travel of the drawer slide. For example, when you buy a 16″ slide, only 12″ of the door will slide back into the cabinet, as the big black plate will take up 4″ of the 16″. Also, be aware that if you attach a knob or pull to the doors, they won’t be able to fully recess. The knob or pull will hit the cabinet frame when you try to push the doors back.

An alternative use for these pivot pocket slides allows designers to create a flex work space in the kitchen. Using a flush pull, along with an edge pull, you can fully recess the cabinet door so you don’t impact the kitchen flow.

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