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Rev-A-Shelf, Kitchen
Rev-A-Shelf, Kitchen

Rev-A-Shelf Featured Product Line: Mixer Lifts

Rev-A-Shelf makes this awesome item called a Mixer/Appliance Lift. It is sold with or without a soft close mechanism. New for 2019 is also a Maple or Walnut shelf with a soft close mechanism.

If you’ve ever had to pull a stand mixer out from the pantry and carry it over to your counter you know the struggle. This lift-up mechanism will hold up to a 60-pound mixer with ingredients so you don’t have to worry about it failing when you’re mixing up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies for the bake sale. While mixers are the most common application for these lifts, you can use it for any small appliance you’d like such as your frozen drink machine or espresso maker.

Rev-A-Shelf, Kitchen, Mixer Lift

The basic models come without a shelf so you can add your own. Since you’re making your own shelf, you can customize it to whatever width you need and in whatever material you choose. The recommended depth is 20″ with a 3/4″ minimum thickness. Imagine how nice it would look with butcher block!

The models with shelf included are available in either Maple with a silver mechanism for face frame 18″ base cabinets or Walnut with a gray mechanism for full access Β 18″ base cabinets. The shelves are 20″ deep and 1-3/8″ thick solid wood.

The soft close mechanism is also a great feature. As soon as you release the double locks holding the mechanism up, it softly and quietly retracts back into the cabinet. Rev-A-Shelf also has videos that demonstrate how it works as well as an installation video to help you or your cabinet maker get it installed.

If you have an empty, full height base cabinet with no drawer above, this item is for you.Β 

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Rev-A-Shelf, Mixer Lift

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