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Mudroom with Floral Wallpaper

Mixing Timeless and Trendy

A charming South Hill home built in 1936 needed an update–but how do you mix a modern, on-trend style, with the traditional details of an older home? Designer Shaleesa Mize of Little Pacific Design Studio shows us her approach in blending timeless and trendy in her Post Street Residence renovation! When pulling together the design […]

Carriage Gargage Doors

Learning About Carriage Doors with Strap Hinges

When you want to make your garage doors into carriage doors or turn them into faux carriage doors you’ll want some hardware accessories. Acorn Manufacturing, out of Mansfield Massachusetts, makes the hinges, doors pulls, and cane bolts you’ll need. HINGES When making real carriage doors you’ll need some super strong hinges to hold those doors. […]

Brassfinders Tube

What Exactly Is Stainless Steel?

Stainless Steel is a steel alloy with high percentages of Iron, Chromium, and Nickel. The higher the Chromium content the more corrosion resistance. The most widely known grade of Stainless Steel is type 304. Type 316 has the addition of Molybdenum for better resistance to acid and chloride solutions (think salt, sodium chloride). You’ll often […]

Kitchen with Floating Shelves

An Introduction to Floating Shelves

The first time I saw a floating shelf I was mesmerized. How in the world is that floating? Turns out it is deceptively simple. A U-shaped metal or metal/wood bracket is attached to the wall and the shelf is put around the bracket. The shelf itself is hollow on the back to allow the bracket […]

Woodfold Breadboard Alder

Replace that Old Dingy Breadboard

The last place I lived in had a very used breadboard in the kitchen, like very very used. I think it was original to the house in the 50’s. Lucky for me I work at a hardware store and know just how easy it is to replace and now you will too. Here at […]