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White Recess Mounted Standard

Adjustable Shelves for Bookcases

Most bookcases have adjustable shelves in them so when you retire your old coffee table book of baby animals for the new one on gardens you’ll be able to raise the shelf higher to accommodate the newcomer. If you’re inclined to make your own bookcase you too will need a way to adjust those shelves. […]

Cabinet Knob Bases

Knob and Pull Bases for Custom Hardware

A super fun item we sell are cabinet knob and cabinet pull bases or ferrules. These bases are what you use if you want to make you own cabinet hardware. We sell these everyday to hobbyists and businesses for their own designs. Some make cabinet knobs or cabinet pulls out of rocks, minerals, petrified wood, […]

KV 8092 Series Pocket Pivot Door Slides

What Are Pivot Pocket Slides?

One product that I frequently get questions on is the Pivot Pocket Door Slides by Knape & Vogt. These slides allow you to open a cabinet doors such as on an armoire or TV cabinet, and then slide them back along the cabinet wall so that the door recesses and gives you full access to […]

Rev-A-Shelf Undersink Pullout Basket w/Soft-Close

Learn About Under Sink Organization

Let’s talk organization! Specifically under your sink. I bet you didn’t even know that we have organization items for under your sink. It’s a place that often times gets overlooked and becomes a catchall for every cleaning supply product ever made. I even have bottles of cleaners for floors and appliances that I don’t even […]

Door Hardware, Slides

Review of Trophy Case Doors

Something that I get calls all the time are on the Aluminum Track Kits for 1/4″ thick doors. We offer two options, small-medium and large sizes. Most of the time I sell these to schools, businesses, and hobbyists for trophy and award cases, display cases, or reception windows. This setup allows you to have two […]

Soft Close Door Bumper, Cabinet

So, What Are Soft Close Door Bumpers?

I was quite excited when we started stocking the Soft Close Door Bumper from Grass. Many newer cabinets come with soft-close door hinges but if you have older or economy cabinets like I do then they likely have regular self-closing hinges that produce a thud sound when the cabinet door closes. I don’t want that […]