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Towel Warmers & Drying Rails

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What is the Main Purpose of a Towel Warmer?

  • Towel warmers have a variety of uses and applications. They are primarily used to heat towels and bathrobes so they are warm when drying off after a shower or leaving the pool/beach/spa.
  • After a towel is used, the towel warmer will dry it out. This helps to prevent them from giving off that musty/moldy smell they can produce when not dried properly. It also reduces laundry loads and water consumption, as the towels won’t need to be washed as frequently.
  • They can be used to dry delicate clothing that cannot be tumble dried (with Amba's digital heat controller accessory).
  • Dry wet boots, jackets, gloves or shoes by hanging them on optional hook attachments.
  • Help bathrooms stay warm, dry, mold, mildew and humidity free. Some models also double as radiators or space heaters.