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Shelf Brackets and Supports (298 Items)

Manufacturer Product Spotlight
View products from Knape and Vogt in the Shelf Brackets and Supports category.
Featuring the finest in decorative and functional shelf brackets and shelving systems. A wide variety of decorative shelf brackets in multiple finishes as well as industrial strength brackets. We also offer a variety of shelf standards, shelving pilasters, countertop brackets and shelf and rod supports for closets.
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Shelf brackets and shelf supports
Fixed Shelf Brackets
Shelf standards, brackets and supports
Adjustable Shelf Standards and Brackets
Pilaster standards and clips
Adjustable Pilaster Standards and Clips
Folding shelf brackets
Folding Shelf Brackets/Drop Leaf Table Supports
Glass Shelves and glass shelf brackets
Glass Shelf Brackets and Glass Shelves
Shelf clips and supports
Shelf Clips and Supports
Shelf and rod supports
Shelf and Rod Supports
Countertop Supports
Countertop Supports and Workstation Brackets
Decorative corbels
Carved Wood Corbels

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KVM-180ALM10 - Knape and Vogt 10
KVM-180ALM12 - Knape and Vogt 12
KVM-180ALM8 - Knape and Vogt 8
KVM-180ANO10 - Knape and Vogt 10
KVM-180ANO12 - Knape and Vogt 12
KVM-180ANO14 - Knape and Vogt 14
KVM-180ANO16 - Knape and Vogt 16
KVM-180ANO18 - Knape and Vogt 18
KVM-180ANO20 - Knape and Vogt 20
KVM-180ANO4 - Knape and Vogt 4
KVM-180ANO6 - Knape and Vogt 6
KVM-180ANO8 - Knape and Vogt 8
KVM-180BLK10 - Knape and Vogt 10
KVM-180BLK12 - Knape and Vogt 12
KVM-180BLK6 - Knape and Vogt 6
KVM-180BLK8 - Knape and Vogt 8
KVM-180WH10 - Knape and Vogt 10
KVM-180WH12 - Knape and Vogt 12
KVM-180WH16 - Knape and Vogt 16
KVM-180WH6 - Knape and Vogt 6
KVM-180WH8 - Knape and Vogt 8
KVM-182BEWH105 - Knape and Vogt 10-1/2
KVM-182BEWH7 - Knape and Vogt 7
KVM-182BEWH9 - Knape and Vogt 9
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Wed  May 06, 2015
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